How to install Juniper Network Connect on Ubuntu Linux

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1. Download ncLinuxApp.jar. You should be logged in into web-front to do it. If VPN web-front is -> you should open

You don't need actually to unpack it, but there some more information here about that

2. cp ~/Downloads/ncLinuxApp.jar /home/drcreazy/.juniper_networks/ncLinuxApp.jar

3. Download and install msjnc (you may have to install some extra libs, take a look msjnc description)

  • wget -q -O /tmp/msjnc
  • chmod 755 /tmp/msjnc
  • sudo cp /tmp/msjnc /usr/bin

4. Download msjnc dummy config and fill it. You can take realm from VPN web-front login page source code (CTRL+U)

wget -q -O /home/drcreazy/.msjnc-profiles.cfg

5. Run msjnc in console until GUI popup appears. Press connect


6. Done.

P.S If something went wrong try to read ncsvc logs to undestand the problem
tail -f -n 100 ~/.juniper_networks/network_connect/ncsvc.log

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